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Your local podiatrist for over 30 years in New York City, Dr. Harvey Katz’s expert care will pamper you so you can put your best foot forward. Dr. Katz is a Board Certified Podiatrist specializing in the latest surgical techniques to address foot problems such as bunions, hammer toe, heel spurs, flat feet, corns, arch pain, common nail problems and fungal nails. Dr. Katz also specializes in the PinPointe Laser Treatment for nail fungus removal.

Why should you take care of your feet….. think about what your feet do for you. The average pair takes 8-10 thousand steps per day pounding pavements, bouncing up and down stairs and standing on lines – always supporting 3-4 times your body weight. No wonder feet get sore or develop problems, problems that can be taken care of or prevented easily. Stop by today at one of our convenient locations in downtown and midtown Manhattan and give your feet the care they need… and deserve.

Dr. Harvey Katz: PRP & Foot Care Services


The PinPointe Laser Treatment is the first clinically proven laser devise to effectively remove nail fungus and help restore clearer and healthier nails.The chronic condition of nail fungus can impact your quality of life and for patients that also suffer from diabetes or immune disorders, it can lead to serious health problems. The treatment of a nail infection is difficult because the
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Corns are thickened layers of skin caused by repeated pressure or friction. Corns form when the pressure point against the skin traces an elliptical or semi-elliptical path during the rubbing motion. The center of the corn, which is at the point of pressure, gradually widen over time. The hard part at the center of the corn resembles a funnel with a broad raised top and a pointed bottom.
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PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. It is a concentrate of the patient’s own blood which has been processed to increase the amount of platelets available to help aid in healing injured tissue. PRP is concentrated down to 3-5cc which is injection into the affected area. We currently treat common foot conditions with PRP to assist in the speed of healing and to improve overall function of the
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Hammer Toe​

Buckling or curling under of any of the toe joints is the condition known as Hammer Toe. Over time these toes may become painful and make movement more difficult. The joints at the end or middle of the toe, as well as the joint near the ball of the foot, may be affected. Toe joints buckle or curl under because of a muscle imbalance or tight tendons. Types of Hammer Toes include Flexible and Rigid.
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Bunions ​​

A bunion is excess bone or
misaligned bone in the joint and it is one of the most common big toe problems.
Besides causing pain, a bunion changes the actual shape of
your foot making it difficult and uncomfortable to wear shoes. The good news is that bunions are treatable, contact Dr​.​ Katz for an evaluation of your bunion problems.
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Flat Feet

The main supportive structure of the foot is its arch. When the arch loses strength, the bony framework begins to collapse, causing the foot to flatten. This weakness in the
middle of the foot causes strain at the joints of both ends of the foot.
There are many causes of flat feet. Some are born with it, other
acquire them due to arthritis, trauma, or musculoskeletal
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